Thursday, May 19, 2005


West Xylophone Prepares for the Summer Tourist Season

CAPITOL CITY, West Xylophone (West Xylophone Daily News) - Cafes and bistros along Capitol City's Marimba Boulevard began setting up sidewalk tables and umbrellas today in anticipation of the start of this year's tourist season. "We're not Fiji or the Virgin Islands, but West Xylophone has a lot to offer. Miles of white sandy beaches, water sports and diving, accommodations ranging from bed & breakfasts to the new Equatorial Plaza Hotel, and of course the evening and night life epitomized by Marimba Boulevard where we're standing right now," said Terry Linnell, West Xylophone's Minister of Travel and Tourism.

"Being right next to The Eyre Affair bookshop, we get a lot of intellectuals," reported Lally Flans, proprietress of The Lichi Cafe. She also said that many families congregate there in the afternoons due to the shady trees and kid-friendly menu.

Just a few blocks away on Princess Alexandra Way is a more energetic hang-out, the dance club called Ouagadougou. The door is only labeled with a small sign in the shape of the African continent. Burkina Faso is picked out in yellow. Inside you'll find three multi tiered dance floors, each with it's own deejay and acoustically separated. There's also a bistro and bar. "Ouagadougou? Yah, that place is crash! And you sure want to show up any night DJ Treeleaf is spinning," commented West Xylophone Daily News Style reporter Jim Polk.

When asked for the highlight of the summer, Minister Linnell answered quickly, "The Lamp Day festivities. You've got the island culture celebration, street carnival and the night-time Lamp Day children's parade. I think anyone who can should try to be in West Xylophone for that."

Contact the West Xylophone Tourism Board for more information about Lamp Day and visiting West Xylophone.

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